更新时间:2018-07-04 11:57:33

用手机上的 Total Control 扫码下载到手机

1poo3 is a game that allows you modify pics and share them in 3 simple steps. Ever felt pooped on? Ever wanted to get back at someone or make fun of something? Well, now you can with 1poo3! Either take a picture with your camera phone or choose a saved picture from your gallery to start! Now it's time to have hilarious fun! Be sure to hold your cell phone vertically and turn the sound up, down, or off from your device's volume control. Get ready for some laughs! Choose your ammo type from the scrolling toilet paper roll. Then, enjoy game play by tapping the screen where you want to aim. You can wipe the canvas clean or switch between types of poo. Share your pooped creation via email, text, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or online communities like Digg, Reddit and 4chan. Play and share 1poo3 again and again!