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11Runs is a fantasy baseball game that brings the passion and excitement of the sport direct to your computer screen and mobile phone.With 11Runs App, you can now follow the action and receive live updates no matter where you are during game time.On 11Runs, you can play in short-term competitions (Weekend and/or Mid-week Series) for the duration of the season, which allows you to adapt to any challenge(e.g. injury, suspension, etc.) the season throws at you.With three different game levels on offer (Rookie, Pro, MVP), anyone can win the cash and respect, no matter their level of expertise. Play against your friends and colleagues in a private competition, or take on the wider field and play against other 11Runs fantasy gamers in a public competition. Whoever picks the best team wins.You can follow your team's progress in real-time on the live-scoring competition page and in a single view, you can:- see competitors' fantasy line-ups- check the latest match scores- follow game events as they happen- trash talk with friends and competitors…all while watching your players' performances being translated into fantasy points.There's no long-term commitment but plenty of instant, high-paced excitement.Download the 11Runs App to take your fantasy baseball experience to new heights