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用手机上的 Total Control 扫码下载到手机

16fields challenges you!Do you pass the test of the 16 fields?The game sets the order and you got to remind and replay it. But don't worry, it starts out easyily with four fields to remember. Train your brain and your retentivity with this modern designed game for now and then. How to play:- You'll be shown from 4 up to 16 fields in a special order.- Your task is to touch the fields in the right order.- The more fields you remember correctly, the more points you get!Features:- No blurred picture. The game adjusts to every resolution!- Modern Design- Your retentiveness will improve over time.If you like the game, come to see my YouTube channel:http://www.youtube.com/tomzalatAnd if you find something negative or something that doesn't work, just send me a mail:letsgamedev@gmx.deThe bug will be fixed with the next update!But I won't make the game easier for you. ;PHave fun!