Age of Kings

更新时间:2018-01-02 15:15:49

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War needs Heroes! Gather countless warriors to your side and recruit great heroes! Lead them in building you an empire! Rely on them, trust them and build your own Round Table! =FEATURES & HIGHLIGHTS=*Sophisticated production: textures and environments brought to life by top art designers.*Get more out of your experience: form alliances and conspiracies, make life-long friends and bitter rivals with people all over the world!*Different styles of play: recruit and train heroes, let them manage your city and command your army. Enhance not only their (and your) combat skills, but also management skills! Get ready for the iron and blood! Start now! 战争需要英雄! 收集了无数的战士你的身边,并聘请伟大的英雄!带领他们在建设你的帝国!依靠他们,信任他们,并建立自己的圆桌会议! =特点和亮点=*精良的生产:材质和环境的顶级美术设计师带来了生机。*更充分地利用你的经验:形成联盟和阴谋,使终身朋友和死对头的人遍布世界各地!*不同风格的打法:招募和培训的英雄,让他们管理自己的城市和指挥你的军队。不仅提高他们(和你)的战斗技能,还要管理技能! 准备好了铁与血!现在开始!